Candle on floor

May 04, 2021 | 2 minute read

candle floor

Title: Candle on floor

I originally thought the core of this piece was going to be related to the positioning of the candle. How because it’s set in the lower corner, implicit lines would form between the candle and the corner walls.

But after further review, I think what’s more interesting is the confusion in what the central element is.

The object seems to be the candle, but given the focus of the image, the candle seems to play more of a contextual role. What’s confusing is that the focus of the piece is something that’s never the focal point.

Then if you consider the physical qualities of the candle and the floor, you’ll notice that there are some differences.

The floor panels are lined with rough grooves, while the candle is smooth and even.

The floor is rarely the focus, but here, it is.