Fragrance calculators

July 13, 2020 | 5 minute read

When building thoughtfulcandles’ fragrance calculator, I did some research on what other fragrance calculators offered. I thought it’d be beneficial to share what I found.


Link to Life-n-Reflection’s fragrance calculator

What’s great about this calculator is that it provides a lot of fundamental information behind what fragrance load is as well as why you should care about it. The page is formatted in a top-down manner and you first have to read through multiple introductory paragraphs before you get to the calculator.

This post is definitely written in a very beginner-friendly way, because once you get to where the actual calculator is, you’ll have enough context to use the fragrance calculator.

life n reflection

What’s also cool is that there’s a FAQ section right underneath the calculator to help answer any fragrance load related questions.

Standley Handcrafted:

Link to Standley Handcrafted’s fragrance calculator

Simple and to the point. You come here for a calculator, and on-screen is a download for an excel sheet that contains a fragrance calculator.

standley handcrafted

The formula within the spreadsheet asks for the amount of wax you desire to use and the percentage of fragrance oil you wish to use, and outputs how much oil is needed in either oz or grams.

A simple and to-the-point tool.

The Flaming Candle

Link to The Flaming Candle’s fragrance calculator

Instead of just 1 calculator, there were 4 calculators on the page. Surprise!

The 4 calculators can be found linked toward the bottom of the page in green texts.

the flaming candle

What’s nice about the hyperlinks is that the text associated with the links were super direct and to-the-point. They state exactly what they set out to do.

The questions their 4 calculators aimed to answer were:

  • How many candles can I make?
  • How much wax do I need?
  • How to calculate fragrance load?
  • How much fragrance oil should I use?

It was an added bonus that the spreadsheets for each were very easy to read.

Candle Shack

Link to Candle Shack’s fragrance calculator

This might be the most direct out of the prior 3. The calculator is on the page, and can immediately be used.

candle shack

It asks about your vessel as well as the percentage of fragrance you intend to use. It also asks about the size of your vessel along with how many vessels you plan to use. Doing so offers a bit more granularity as it can tell you how much fragrance oil you should expect to put in each candle.

One thing I don’t fully understand is the difference between Fragrance Mass and Perfume Mass. It seems that perfume is related to batches while fragrance is related to individual vessels?

Otherwise this fragrance calculator is nice as it also works on both web/mobile mediums.

The Candle Maker Calculator

Link to The Candle Maker Calculator

Speaking about mobile… there are also a couple of mobile apps that aim to solve this problem. One of them is The Candle Maker Calculator.

candle maker

The app itself is clean in design. It asks for the number of vessels, amount of wax, the amount of fragrance oil, and it’ll output the total amount of wax and fragrance oil needed for that batch.

You can also change the metrics displayed in the app to the imperial system.


Link to Thoughtfulcandles Calculator

And then there’s one that I built. I’ve tried to make it pretty simple, yet configurable with options that aim to make your candlemaking process easier.

thoughtful candles

I’ll leave the description at that, and suggest you give it a while if you are still curious.

I hope you found this post helpful. If there are any other fragrance calculators you think I should mention, feel free to tweet me at @brianczhou.